The rapid development of technology makes everything easy to do, one of which is fundraising activities. Currently, fundraising can be done practically through the Ayobantu fundraising application. Ayobantu is one of the online fundraising platforms that has been licensed to collect money and goods for disasters and non-disasters at the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia.

Fundraising in Ayobantu is not only practical to do, but also targeted and transparent. Fundraising programs in Ayobantu can be accounted for and the distribution of funds is done transparently.

To be able to fundraise in the Ayobantu app, Teman Peduli must first create a fundraising profile account.

So that Teman Peduli is not mistaken, here is the complete procedure for creating a fundraising profile account on Ayobantu!

How to create a fundraising profile account on

  1. Access the website via smartphone or laptop, then click “Enter“;
  2. Click the “Register here” button, or you can also register an account using Facebook and Google account, fill in all account data (email, password, and mobile number). Don’t forget to check the “Terms and Conditions” agreement;
  3. After successful registration, verify the email by using the email and password that has been registered previously, then click “Login“;
  4. Congratulations, your account has been successfully created. The next step is to Verify your account on This account activation aims to let Ayobantu know the official identity of the person in charge of your fundraising later. Account verification consists of 5 stages and each of these stages must be filled in with the correct data and do not miss any data, so that the verification request is approved by the Ayobantu team. Then “Click here”.
  5. In the first stage, fill in the data (account type, name, email, and address of the individual/organization/foundation/community). If so, “Click Furthermore” to move on to the next stage.
  6. The second stage, fill in the identity of the person in charge (name, WhatsApp number, ID card number, and ID card photo). If so, “Click Furthermore” to move on to the next stage.
  7. In the third stage, fill in the account holder’s identity (WhatsApp number, ID card number, ID card photo, and selfie photo holding ID card). If so, “Click Furthermore” to move on to the next stage.
  8. In the fourth stage, fill in the disbursement information (bank name, account number, account name, and upload a scanned photo of the passbook). If so, “Click Next” to move on to the last step.
  9. he fifth stage is to upload the documents that need to be completed in the form of:
  • A statement letter by template Ayobantu that has been signed using a 10,000 stamp duty.
  • Supporting documents (notarial deed, domicile address, account registration letter, medical records, etc.).
  1. After completing the account verification and completing all the files in all stages, then verify the OTP. The OTP code will be sent to the account holder’s WhatsApp number. After receiving the OTP code consisting of six numbers, then click “verify OTP“.

  1. Your account verification request has been submitted and is being reviewed by the Ayobantu team. You will receive an email from Ayobantu if your account verification is accepted. Once verified, you can then create a fundraising campaign on

That’s the complete tutorial on how to create a fundraising profile account on Ayobantu. Hopefully, Teman Peduli will not be confused regarding the fundraising process. If Teman Peduli still has questions related to donation and fundraising on, Teman Peduli can check the full tutorial here.